Using robots and AI to invest and make money in the stock market is now really easy!

Discover just how simple it is to do.

FourFront is an advisor (Robo) and Money Manager.

We give advice and buy & sell shares on your behalf to make you money.  All done digitally and with friendly customer service.

As the Robo-Advisor division of Standard Investment Bank (SIB), we support you from account opening to investment and everything that an investor needs, through SIB.

We use tech for smart quick trading to make you money!

Our computer system called Algorithm (ALGO) trading is proven to spot the best QUICK* investment opportunities.

Combined with guidance from our experienced Investment Council you AUTOMATICALLY make quick investments with the best results!

We’ve made trading and investing strategies simple and easy to understand and use!

Get easy ways to make money when prices are going up, clever ways to make money when prices are going down, safe ways to earn extra money on your shares, and MUCH MORE!

Still think Money Market accounts are the best way to invest?

Move to the next level and make QUICK MONEY in ALL situations!

Make extra money earning HIGH* interest while you buy and sell shares.

Why get JUST interest in saving accounts, fixed deposits, SACCOs or through Government bonds?

Earn high interest, BUT ALSO earn investing income and trading profit, for maximum results at FourFront!

Bring your investment group or pick the right friends to talk about making money!

Join fun sessions led by experts to learn about investing, compete in exciting games, do group activities with real stock prices, chat about opportunities, and much more!

Best for families, close friends, investments groups or growing a professional following!

Want Global Investing Also?

We make sure you understand how the global markets work, you feel confident about investing, and can handle both the risks and rewards of these market.

Decide how you want to invest, even if you don’t have much money.

Choose what help you need, how much cost to pay, or just pick one of our POPULAR PLANS*

What our investors are saying about us!

Efficient and secure. The quick processing makes it a standout option I can trust.

PHILIP KARIUKI GICHARUFoundation Investment Account

Quick processing of payments and updates. Excellent customer care.

JAMES KARUMBA IRUNGUGuardian Investment Account

Clarity of information when I required my share performance

BEATRICE WANJIKU GACHAIYAFoundation Investment Account

I was happy because your good customer care services, your prompt response exceeded by my expectation!

MARY MUKUHI MATHENGEPrime-Analytics Investment Account

You are professionals in your work

SAMUEL KAMANGA NDUNGUEconomy Investment Account

Business services & Affiliate Program

Are you considering incorporating Robo-Advisory into your financial services?

We work with Central Depositories, local and international Funds, Money Managers, Stockbrokers, family offices and more to enhance the level of investment service!

Contact us today, let’s team up together.

Do you have a product or service that supports investors?

We team up with experts like certified financial planners, coaches, trainers, authors, events, content publishers and others to deliver greatness to investors.

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Our Story, is about answering one question.

“What is the most powerful way to empower investors on the Nairobi Securities Exchange”

Our innovations are how we did it!

In 2008 we become the first SMS/Mobile trading provider in Kenya.

In 2012 we were awarded a license as the first premium investment retail service provider in Kenya.

In 2018 we digitized our premium services delivery going beyond just online trading, which we had in 2008.

In 2022 we were awarded a license as the first Robo-Advisor in Kenya.

In 2023 we became the first algorithm trading provider in Kenya.

In 2024 we became the first short selling lending book provider in Kenya.

Some of our Relationships & Media mentions